I began my career in the USAF in 1999. Even as a cadet, though I learned about flight and serving something greater than myself, I also fell in love with technology and digital media.

Avenger 5, class of '98

Civil Air Patrol, Sugarland Squadron, 1992

Right after I earned my wings, 9/11 happened. I hit the ground running. Those experiences will be with me for a lifetime.

During a mission, OEF, 2003

After a mission, OIF, 2004

Throughout my military career I saw the potential of using technology to teach difficult subjects, in particular, electronic warfare.

Simulation Development Lab, Randolph AFB, 2007

T-1A CSO Modification, 2011

Even now, technology once reserved for research programs and specialized military use is making its way to consumers.  I am very excited about bringing low cost, commercially sourced training solutions to my customers.  I proudly call myself a virtual reality enthusiast and believer.

Bold Quest 14.2 Augmented Reality JTAC experiment, 2014

J-T/OSS 2.0 Upgrade, Ft. Hood, Tx, 2014

I wear my Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 with pride!