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    Thank you for visiting my site.  After a fruitful career as an Air Force officer, I have decided that this is the right time to dedicate myself to a career in Electronic Warfare development.  I look forward to working with you to ensure our nation continues to lead the way in EW/IO employment and training. Email address is in phonetics at the bottom of the page to avoid spambots.

    Lifetime Member


    • Proficient in Microsoft Office, BSI Air Combat Environment, Modern Air Combat Environment, MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator, Total Immersion A-10 DTS, AC-130U Sensor DTS, HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Rainmeter.

    • Knowledgeable of CSS, XHTML, XML, ActionScript, Javascript, Linux.


    Things that can't fit in a resumé..

    If we have the opportunity to chat we might go on about the resumé and printed application before you.  I'd like to share some of my interests that have a direct correlation to my professional life.  I've included some videos below.  They are set to "unlisted", and therefore, are not searchable nor indexed.

    An engineer..

    I am a maker. My father was a tinkerer, and as a member of the Special Operations community, I've grown up with a mentality of "make it work". Sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel -- most of the time a solution can be found at arm's length.  I've enjoyed working on BSI's Air Combat Environment because it takes data that can be readily found, works it with programming that is malleable, and can be employed in creative ways.  Below is a video I sent the BSI team as I put the finishing touches on a USB countermeasures dispenser.  It is being used in the AC-130U WST currently for a stop-gap training capability. I have also learned object-oriented languages such as ActionScript.  Take a look at my work here.



    A troubleshooter..

    The video below is a simple yet beautiful thing.  A crew of ICSO's are taxiing out to test fly the new ACM capability aboard the T-1A.  I was hired to be an expert on the system --to assist the operators and maintainers, but the job turned out to be "in situ" testing of a capability that needed more time in the oven. I worked hard to nurse the hardware to complete a mission, and I bent the software beyond scope.  When something was fixed for good by a solution I found, that was the best day on the job. I worked hard for the approval of the ICSO's, some of whom were my former students!


    A soul-surfer..

    I love living in the Florida Panhandle.  My family and I have made this place our home.  I am an avid kitesurfer and paddleboarder. The sports challenge me to stay fit and keep me spirtually and mentally centered.  Through kitesurfing, I continue my dream of flight. I like that I only have to file with my wife before departure, too. Being a soul-surfer means you are connected to the land and water of your home.  My patriotism arises from that connection.flying!surfing with a former student and friend